The old grey goose was the most clever one among the geese on the field. “Follow me“, she said when the fox appeared at the end of the field. “Follow me, I am experienced. Life taught me many things. Trust me, together we can conquer the enemy! Together we are strong!“
Now the geese formed one row and ran with loud cackling towards the fox. When he saw the noisy crowd coming, he was slightly irritated and preferred to reach freedom. The grey goose was right which impressed the others. From now on they came to her to ask for advice in many things. In return they brought her the best seeds and bread crumbs they could find. As a result, her reputation and her belly grew as well as she was envied.
“Follow me“, she said when the fox appeared once again. “Do not hide as the young ones, the greenhorns, demand. You know, how clever I am, so follow me. We want to defeat the enemy together!“
Saying this she ran towards the fox but only some of those to whom she gave good advice followed in a safe distance.
However, the ones who envied her, were resentful towards her and the know-alls were waiting. When the fox saw the single goose, he grasped the opportunity with both hands, grabbed her and ate her while the other geese chased off in panic.

So what helps it, if you are right,
but the others do not understand it?


© P. Eitner / Saron.Inc.