Questions to and about God

In the following I have answered some of the questions, which I´m often asked about.
This answers are my personal opinion and experience.
I would like to become acquainted with your view.
(To read the bible verses, please put cursor on the Bible and don't move!)

1. Does God exist at all?

2. I have my faith, isn't that enough?

3. Why are there wars, catastrophes, diseases?

4. How can I come to God?

5. There are so many religions. Why be a christian?

Does God exist at all?

First of all: There is no way to proof God! Some have tried that and have rather made a fool of themselves, just like Juri Gargarin, one of the first astronauts from Russia, who proudly claimed after his first trip to outer space, he now knows that God does not exist, because he was up there.
God is a matter of the heart and confidence: If you trustfully come close to God he will find a way to convince you about his existence. You have to try it, then you will come to know!









I have my faith, isn't that enough?

No, your self-made faith is not adequate to experience God at all. Self-made money does not help you further either, even if it's made very good. Such faith doesn't help me either: God says in his word, what he wants from us and he helps us do exactly that.
Therefore we have to say yes or no. In any other religion it's the same: Allah would not tolerate a moslem to be a bit christian or hindu.
Self-made faith is my projection in something I call God. If a God exists I must ask him what he wants from me. Knowing that I can start at any time.








Why are there wars, catastrophes, diseases?

If there was a God, all this could not take place. Why doesn't he take action?

How good it would be if we knew all the answers. But someone who has been in a cancer-clinic will be careful with quick explanations. The bible doesn't say that people are good inside. It says that there is no person who does good things, not even one.
The human being with his wrong thinking is the one who starts up war, provokes catastrophes, for instance like cutting down the woods, and unexplored technology makes us sick (...exhaust, food, stress...).
Why do we make God responsible for our failures?
And what would we say, if God really would act before every bad decision and stop us immediately? Wouldn't we be like puppets?
No, man is allowed to do what he wants to. He is free in his decisions. He may be evil, too. There is just one solution: Because we have turned from God's path we have to turn back.








How can I come to God?

Nothing easier than that: The bible says that our relationship with God is like that with any other person. Further it says, that God loves us but we do not love him the way we should (what we already know). So what do I do with someone who loves me so much but I just ignore him? I would go to him and ask for forgiveness.
It's the same, when you want to begin (new) with God: You start talking with God, somewhere and sometime, just like with any other person. You can tell him the way you thought about him, what you've done and ask him for forgiveness. And then you start building up a relationship with God as you would do with a friend: You take time for him, talk with him and trust in his word, the bible.
That's so easy, and it works!








There are so many religions. why be a christian?

Sure there are innumerable religions, philosophies, groupings, churches, sects ...
Christianity comes from Judaism and the dictionary says it's the oldest known religion on earth believing in only one God. Why should we believe in something that's not that old and more modern, when we still have the original?
Why shouldn't we believe in that God, in whom people for millenniums believe in and who has forbidden us to serve other gods?