Sender: Me
You are a road,
long, indescribable long.
When I walk along Your ways
an ocean of thoughts comes over me
revolving around You.

You are a cloud,
soft, unbelievable soft.
When I lie in Your pillows
I think of everything
I feel.

Your are a tree,
strong, incredibly strong.
When I sit underneath Your branches I feel so small
because You are so big.

You are an ocean,
open, unlimited open.
When I stand by Your side,
Your warm spray
touches my face.

Where do we go to next?
What should I see?
How is it going on?
Where should I go?

You are a riddle,
insoluble for me.
Every time I think I understand
I realise
that Your ways are unfathomable.
By Claudia W. ©

The story for Claudia