In my opinion our life consists of three important sectors, which we evaluate quite differently.
PEOPLE´S LAND (ego, body) is, most familiar to all of us, reality. It is determined by a mass of fixed, unalterable regularities which we can hardly influence. It has become very complicated because even in the moment we think to understand something of the confusion in the world we fail in other parts trying to use our experiences and rules. Therefore many of us see our lives as a permanent change of ups and downs. However, in the spoilt society of western shape nobody needs to fight for his physical existence. (Such a fight was a life's work over centuries). So some of us try to make their lives attractive
and worth living by looking for special thrills. Others try to achieve this by looking for all kinds of relationships which is, unfortunately, often doomed to failure. Looking at drug consumption or sexuality or even at hoarding property and turning to continually new esoteric experiences we see which strange fancies such a search for the meaning of life can produce. In case our attempts to calm down our restless soul fail we get neurotic, depressive and our life does not seem to be worth living anymore. This situation is getting even worse by
comparing ourselves with others who seem to be better off. We do not notice that human existence, our ego, is also fed by two other (mostly forgotten) sources:
fairy land and God's land.
FAIRY LAND (it, soul) is the "inner reality", the world of our fantasy and feelings. Today, this world from which our instincts derive (it) is often hopelessly mixed up and damaged so that we rather transport our needs into the PEOPLE´S LAND to go off outside ourselves (we "let live"). Many people even project these longings into GOD´S LAND which has fatal consequences because by that they want to give their image of a world which is working according to the rules of someone else. As a result they will fail and finally remain unfulfilled. Often our feelings are fickle and very vulnerable, that is why I have chosen "fairies" as an image, but they still fulfil a certain regularity which is understandable and comprehensible. This "inner reality" can be designed and dominated by us in such a wonderful way that is represents freedom and security we unfortunately often forget for certain unfulfilled hopes, longings and unrealised dreams. Important, however, is not to get lost in FAIRY LAND.
This would be as fatal as only to live in PEOPLE´S LAND. These facts were already known in medieval times.
GOD´S LAND (super-ego, spirit) is the third component of our human life: the "religious reality", a world often neglected in the so-called enlightened Europe. There are six billion human beings in the world and from time immemorial and with each discovery of strange races we found out that they have some form of religion but we, as Central Europeans of our days, claim to know that the world was wrong. How stupid! The "religious reality" does not obey our ideas and wishes so that the sentence: "I have my own faith" is senseless. The rules of GOD´S LAND were made by someone else and we can either fight against it or accept it, we do not have another choice. Only the access to this world is
different to everyone. We do not form GOD´S LAND we only enter it or stay outside. This may sound very depressing for men of action but generously there are some things which were not put into human hands because the human being is fortunately not the measure of all things. Ernesto Cardenal, award-winner of the
peace prize of German book trade, says in his book about God's love: "God lives on the ground of the soul of everyone, hidden under the burden and dirt of our lives". But what are we looking for? This question is answered by all psychologists unanimously: the value which more or less fills all of the three worlds is called: love. The Christian God describes himself to be love.
Does our restlessness and dissatisfaction of our days result from that we cannot find love because we are not searching for God?
For me it seems as if those three worlds can be compared to three cogwheels: only the upper one (God's land) turns the other ones in perfect harmony. If one tries to turn them in one's own rhythm or even the other way round the teeth break out which is permanently damaging.

And now, wanderer, look into each land and find out what you can use for your own!