A little mouse lived in the middle of a forest in a deep cave underneath a big tree.
It was diligent, clever and far-sighted but most of all it was very, very kind and helped all ist friends and was a willing listener to everyone who needed one.
One day now the fox showed up.
“Good morning“, he said “I am your friend, give me something to eat!“ Right away the little mouse ran to ist larder, picked up all the cheese it had and gave it to the fox who devoured everything.
Some days later the fox was back at the door and said: “Hey, we
know each other, I am your friend! You must help me, I am starving!“.
Now the little mouse ran as fast as she could and picked up all the seeds she had. The fox demolished everything and went off for a while.
After some days there was another knock at the door.
“You know, that I am your friend, so kindly give me something to eat!“ the fox growled. “I do not have anything left, since many days. I hardly eat something. I cannot give you anything, my dear friend!“ the little mouse cried.
the fox screamed and polished off the little mouse!

Be careful with friends
having sharp teeth and tongues
Worse are only the sycophants!


© P. Eitner /