The Sex of Love
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess living in a fabulous castle. A prince has heard of her and travelled all the way to her with all his retinue and many precious gifts in order to win her heart.
He came to see her and told her everything about himself and his intentions but she only smiled.
The next day he heard the servants talk that the princess only longed for beautiful women and he was very disappointed.
Standing sad and thinking which sense his visit may yet have the princess saw him and because she could read his mind she said: "My dear prince, why are you so discouraged? Of course I will give you my love because it knows no sex. But my desire will not be satisfied by your gifts."
Now the prince was happy because she wanted to give him her love and new hope stirred in his breast to try it with other gifts. All his presents he showed to her, the flowers in most beautiful colours, the sweetest drops of oranges, the smells of lavender and the velvet of the butterflies´ wings and, finally the leafs of tender endives. The princess smiled and asked him to follow:
In her garden she had even more beautiful flowers, her oranges were incomparably sweet and her lavender smelled even more intense and her butterflies´ wings were so velvety and vulnerable that they could not be topped.
Now the prince, certain of her love but sad, left away.
Listen to me, I do not lie. You will see.


© P. Eitner Saron Inc.