Taking harm

The little mouse was walking happily on it's way of life; it only had to cross the bridge to the golden peak, then it would finally reach the end.
But it was still very steep and the area around difficult to survey.
It had to watch out, so that it wouldn't slither. It struggled bravely.
Then the mouse saw a man walking next to it and asked him astonished:
"Who are you?"
"God!" answered he, "I'm walking a long time close to you. Have you just noticed me now?"- "Well, yes" said the mouse, "but you know I don't know what to do with you. The best you go your way and I go mine!"
Then the little mouse slithered, because it had been careless and talked too much, it tumbled down the slope and would have perished wretched, if God hadn't held out a bush.
"I had luck this time" the little mouse said to the other mice with which it tried to struggle together along the lost path.
Then three cats passed by and the mice frightfully scattered apart. All the mice were eaten, accept our little mouse, because God had surrounded it with darkness, so the cats couldn't see it.
"How intelligent I ran away from them!" praised the mouse itself as it reached the bridge to the golden peak.
"Be careful" warned God, "come and hold my hand, I will take you to the other side!"
"No!" laughed the mouse "my whole life I struggled alone, so I will do the rest on my own, too!"
The Mouse said it, slipped and descended precipitously in the ravine and ending up lying at the foot of the mountain.
"You've brought it very far" scorned the rabbit, which was starting to climb the mountain of life.


Will a man gain anything if he wins

the whole world but is himself

lost or defeated? Luke 9/ 25

I want to learn more about Christian faith.