There is no God“, said Fox, 


It´s all rubbish. Actually everyone knows that there is nothing like him, or have you ever seen him? All those disasters and diseases.... and by the way, where could he be? Of course, there are some weak and miserable creatures that need something big and strong to rely on and to believe in. That´s why they created God, it is pure imagination and for my part, well, listen....“, Fox spoke and left the poor rabbit, totally bewildered.
“Is he right?“ ,Rabbit thought sadly. “Is God nothing but a part of my imagination, have I invented Him for myself? But I talked to Him, when I was little and sometimes I felt Him near me. I will go back to the roots and ask Eagle Owl, the wisest of all the animals here in the forest. He will certainly be able to advise me.“
At once Rabbit was off and soon met Owl in his favourite tree. As Rabbit was very excited, he started right away: “Mr. Owl“ ,he began,“I have a question of upmost importance. Please, do tell me: Is there a God?“
Owl opened one of his eyes and replied: “ What a silly question, little Bunny, of course there is a God.“
“But, tell me, how do you know that....“ the rabbit began to object, when Owl stopped him: “Look at yourself, look at me, would any of us be here, if there were no Creator? But tell me, what brought that silly question into your mind?“
“Fox“, Bunny replied, “Clever Fox told me that God is nothing but my imagination!“
Oh, that old Fox again.“ Owl mocked and just for once opened both eyes. “ He isn´t that clever, he´s just pretending. He is scared of having to change the habits of his life because there is a God. That´s why he blabbers such nonsense.“
With these words Owl closed his eyes to continue with his sleep.
Little Rabbit noticing this hurried to ask one final question of certain importance: “Please, dear Owl, do tell me, where God is and if you can prove it.“
“That´s very easy“,Owl yawned, “ have you ever loved somebody?“
“Of course“, Bunny stammered quite puzzled. “My daddy, my mum, my 18 brothers and sisters, and...“ here he hesitated shortly, blushing, “the little girliebunny from the neighbourhood.“
Owl twinkled a last time full of pity and then said: “Well, Rabbit, then show me your love, present it to me, so that I can believe in it.“
Very bewildered Bunny replied:“ That doesn´t work, Mr. Owl, you can´t get it out, it´s very deep inside. There..“, and he pointed to his heart.
“You see“, Owl said, “God is there, too!“
Why?“ Rabbit inquired.
God is Love, grumbled Owl and fell asleep.

God is love.
1.John Ch.4, 8 & 16

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